In my previous post (Going on a photo trip) I mentioned the idea that you must really SEE what is around you when you go out on a shoot.  This is much harder than you may think. It turns out that our ability to “SEE” what is around us is actually very limited, and we only are able to see a very small area clearly and focus on ONE thing at a time.  This CNN report that gives a little more background. (You need to read past the intro because it is promoting a new TV show about how the brain works, but keep reading, there is good information in there).

If you are going to a place you have been to before, SEEING is even harder because your brain already has a “mental model” of the place and so you register even less about the location.

So when you go out on a shoot, you need to practice at really SEEING everything around you.  It takes work, focus and concentration.  Hey we never said this was easy.  But when you really SEE what is out there you will have more fun and come back with better and more exiting photographs.